Alaskan Grown

In June 2012, Travel & Leisure Magazine named Anchorage, Alaska as the 'Worst dressed city in America'. While we certainly aren't proud, it is clear that many do not understand that practicality and function is of utmost importance to Alaskan's wardrobes. 

As our name suggests, we aim to cater to the headstrong, adventurous, extra tuff wearing women of the 49th state and all the women around the world who refuse to compromise comfort for style. 

Our small team of Alaskan grown women seek to design lingerie and lounge wear that inspires a confident and effortlessly sexy woman.

Ethically Made

We strongly believe that what we wear should not only make us feel comfortable and stylish, but should reflect our ethical values. We design, sew, photograph and ship each item with our very own hands from our local studio in Anchorage. We do our very best to handpick our supplies and materials from small, local suppliers within our beautiful state and other states within the United States.

With this small but vital step, we encourage you to make the world a better place by supporting local and fair trade businesses.


One size and style does not always fit all. We offer custom designs for personalized sizes, styles or special occasions. Please send us a message via our "Contact" page to begin your customization process.   


 Proudly designed and handcrafted with love for all women, by women of the 49th state.